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Asked Questions

Ordering Linen

Do your chair covers fit most banquet chairs?

We have several types of chair covers — fitted covers which will fit a banquet chair with a round or flat top or a draped chair covers which will fit most other chairs. We do not have a chair cover range for chairs with arms. If you have a specific chair and you are not sure, please ring or email our office for further assistance.

Are all your table cloths the same size or do you have different sizes to choose from?

We do have different size table cloths available. If you are not sure what table linen to choose for your table or you have a difficult shape table, please don’t hesitate to call or email our office for further assistance.


Can I have sample linen sent out so I can touch and feel the quality?

We do have sample cloths available for touch and feel. If you require a cloth for a special showing to a bride or client we would be happy to send one to you. We don’t charge for samples.

I don’t know the exact number of chair covers or linen that I require as numbers may change - can I change the amounts I require?

Yes we allow changes up to the day before delivery. We understand that numbers will change and we do not mind changing the Contract as many times as is necessary.

Are we able to visit your showroom to look at your products?

Yes you are. We would advise you to telephone to make an appointment as we might be with other clients if you just turn up.


Ordering process –

• To secure stock, please confirm the Contract as soon as possible.

• Order larger quantities than anticipated and adjust the Contract down as the event nears.

• A Quote does not secure stock; the order must be a Contract.

• Once goods have been returned a Tax Invoice will be issued.

Do you supply crockery, cutlery & glassware?

Yes we do but only in the Melbourne area or for collection and delivery only.

Please provide

We will require the following details from you to confirm your Contract –

Name / Phone Number / Street Address


Delivery & Collection of Linen

Can we collect the linen ourselves?

Yes you can.

My event is on a Saturday, when would you deliver and collect?

For weekend occasions we send out linen on a Friday. We would then collect our linen between 9.00a.m. and 5.30p.m. the following Monday unless otherwise advised. Goods should be packed and ready for our couriers or driver to collect.

Returning Linen

How does the return process work?

Place all linen in the original linen bags for collection by our staff or return to our show room as agreed. Please leave Name Tag attached to bag or place inside the bag.


Wet / Soiled / Damaged Linen

Do we need to wash linen before we return it?

No. We have a commercial laundry that washes all linen. This has already been included in your hire costs.

Soiled/Damp linen after an event — what to do?

If your linen has become damp or soiled — Please remove all food scrapes from the linen before bagging them and for damp linen please let the items be air-dry before packing them by lying out in the sun or fresh air. This will help avoid mildew and other damages to the linen, which could incur charges.

What happens if linen or equipment is misplaced or damaged during an event?

If items have not been returned or have been returned in a condition that does not allow further usage, replacement costs will apply.


Deposits and Payment

Do I have to pay for all hired linen or equipment?

We must charge for all linen hired at the regular hire rates, unless the full contract has been cancelled. It is a good idea to order and pay for a little extra linen so that last minute guests or unexpected accidents on site can be dealt with immediately allowing the event to continue smoothly.

When are we required to pay?

You are required to pay in full prior to delivery unless otherwise prearranged. For last minute bookings we only accept credit cards or cash.


How do we pay?

You can pay by credit card over the phone or send a cheque made payable to Linen Hire From Di Simmons. We also accept cash.


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